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This is an exciting time in our history on this planet. The CHOICE is ours on the direction of our PERSONAL and COLLECTIVE FUTURE. This course will give you practical tools and insights on how to move from a defeated belief system (mind-set) into one of curiosity, inspiration and EMPOWERMENT. Through this technique LIFE FORCE is returned to YOU. Enjoy the integration and process of creation. I am with you!

  • Technique that will transform your Fear into Flow

  • 6 Videos

  • PDF with the 4 steps and the clearing language


Reclaim your Clarity, Confidence and Life Purpose

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    Welcome to your new SUPERPOWER!

    • Your Life Purpose

    • We are the SAME

    • The 4 Steps

    • Steps in Action

    • Finally....The Method

    • What NOW?

    • Fear to Flow Mini PDF


“I just finished Gaia's Free Mini-Course and am super grateful for the experience. Gaia shares an easy to understand method that can be put to use immediately and will support you to re-write your inner script and create change in your life.”

Ross Taylor, Reclaim Your Wholeness, Squamish B.C.

“It continuously amazes me how the universe knows just when you need something or someone to come into your life; for me, that is Gaia. Letting go of false beliefs and changing my inner script is an ongoing struggle. Some beliefs being so deeply rooted that releasing them feels nothing short of impossible. After completing Gaia's mini course, the sense of release felt was immediate. Gaia's instructions were clear, easy to follow and her guided meditation had me feeling like she was right there in the room guiding me. Thank you, Gaia!”

Sabrina H., Leduc A.B.

“ Thank you, thank you, thank you, for this simple, profound and grace filled method. ”