The age of FREEDOM is a CHOICE

I am here for you! I believe in you and your capacity to change your story. Creating stories is the easy part, it's letting them go that takes a helping hand. This, my dear, is your helping hand. As a lifelong student of healing and a healer of 20 years there are two things that are ABSOLUTELY necessary for healing to happen. SAFETY and presencing your INNER CHILD. I am here to share the foundations for change to happen. The choice is yours and the time is NOW. There is no better time in our history to reclaim your life force, your fragmented soul-filaments and your powerful belief in your unlimited potential.

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  • Are you ready for a shift?

    Are there thoughts, emotions and patterns in your physical existence that seem to be on repeat and you are bored with the same old result? All change happens from within. This course is for you!

  • Are you ready meet your soul mate?

    Our belief systems create our reality. If you aren't living the life of your dreams then you are ready for an upgrade. We are vibrating a signal out to the Universe whether we like to or not so why not uplevel into one of love and positivity then see who is attracted to YOU!

  • Are you ready to reclaim your personal power?

    When we have damaged soul filaments from this life or past, our energy is scattered to the 4 directions leaving us scrabbling to make life happen. This work is soul retrieval work. As the soul filaments reintegrate into your BEING, your personal power and energy is reclaimed!